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Climbskin Revolution


Climbskin Hand Cream is the result of hard but gratifying work, where obtaining the best product was the highest peak or the best of redpoints.

Comparison with wax-based products

Climbskin hand cream is an oily-aqueous emulsion. It contains both fat-soluble ingredients of the highest quality like shea butter, buckthorn and rosehip oils, but also, unlike waxes, includes effectively water-soluble ingredients such as aloe vera, benzoin tincture, dragon’s blood, centella asiatica, and aquillea millefollium, thus adding some exceptional properties that allowed us to get closer to our goal. Climbskin hand cream´s absorption and penetration capacities are so remarkable, allowing deeper hydration, better regeneration.

Waxes are cheap, low-quality easy to manufacture cosmetic products, which leave our hands full of oil and wax residues. But it is not just about sensations and taste, each skin needs specific hydration, a very difficult target to hit through waxes since they act more like hydration bombs. We must keep in mind that in the case of raised calluses, cracks and slits, an excess of hydration is counter-productive as it softens the tissue too much and slows down its healing.

Applying Climbskin® hand cream in thin layers (1 or 2 is usually enough depending on your skin type) is essential to achieve the right hydration, which is a KEY factor in the recovery process. You must learn to get familiar with and take care of YOUR skin.
Climbskin hand cream also contains benzoin tincture and natural silica that, in addition to their intrinsic properties, help regulate sweat, a very limiting factor in wax-based products.

At Climbskin we take the origin of our ingredients into great consideration. We do not like the industrialized process that obtains waxes out of an animal origin. Taking care of the bees, that we think it to be vital! ???


Quality, sustainability, and respect for the environment are values that will always go hand in hand with Climbskin.

At Climbskin we are proud of the products we have created.

Because we know that behind every and each of them lies a great job, but we are ever more proud of all of you, those who have teamed up to share the illusion and commitment to a project that combines top quality and values.

Climbskin - Experts in top quality cosmetics applied to sport

All of you are a brutal source of motivation, especially our ambassadors, teams and friends, Thanks a lot!

“My hands are 100% and one of the major reasons for that is Climbskin Hand Cream. They have simply not torn since I started using this cream.
This stuff is next level.”

— BK Gudmundsson