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How to care for your skin

Your skin in your hands

CLIMBSKIN HAND CREAM has been especially designed for climbers as well as for all those people who require intensive care of their hands due to the sport or activity they practice. Hands are our direct connection to the rock, they allow us to sense it in a special way. A well-cared skin – with calluses, yes, but even and springy ones – will dramatically improve our sensations, making a difference in our performance when climbing or training.

CLIMBSKIN HAND CREAM contains the most powerful skin regenerator found in nature, under a innnovating desing that combines eight main ingredients.

Is a fast-absorbing cream. Its balanced combination of high quality extracts and oils on an exceptionally thin basis confer it a dense texture, resistant to high temperatures and yet not oily. It does not contain artificial colours or flavours, only the best quality ingredients , whose combination yields a pleasant, natural and characteristic aroma.

We have designed the entire manufacturing process to be very environmentally friendly, with which our company is very sensitive.

Environmentally friendly products

1º Before: PROTECT

Until now, it was unthinkable to use any existing products before climbing. Now, you can use Climbskin Hand Cream one hour before climbing or training. A thin layer is enough to give your skin greater elasticity. This “warm-up” protects and prevents skin damage up to 90% (reduces the possibility of “smilies”, opening calluses, cracks, or detached nail skin). Besides, benzoin tincture and natural silica also help to regulate sweat, which is an important factor in skin rubbing.

2º During: ¡VAMOS!

  • Dry skin: avoid liquid or rusty magnesium. Wash your hands as soon as possible after climbing as well as during breaks if you can.
  • Cut and file any raised skin as soon as possible, no matter how small, to avoid further damage by snags in the same area.
  • If a callus is raised, the first thing to do is to stop the bleeding. Then cut the skin and file the generated skin step. Apply Climbskin Hand Cream on the affected area and leave it there for 20 minutes, then spread it. Excessive hydration for this kind of wounds is counter-productive as this would soften the skin and slow down regeneration.
  • If you carry on with the activity, if the wound is on your fingers, cover it by turning around several thin strips of breathable tape. Apply the strip from the tip of the finger downwards so it take longer to move, but change it as soon as possible when it does.
  • Slits, cracks or “smilies” are normally produced by a lack of elasticity in the callus and repetition on the same grip. If this happens, clean, cut and file as much as possible and apply the cream just the same way as for a raised callus (previous point)


Level the skin of your hands to the maximum at the end of each session (layer theory).

  • To speed up recovery it is VITAL to start recovering the skin immediately after the activity is finished.
  • File and level the skin of your hands to the maximum (layer theory). Before washing your hands, you must carefully file and cut all the broken skin before washing your hands. Wash them only afterwards, it´s important that you don´t let time waste away, especially if your skin is a dry one.
  • If you have suffered great fingertip wear, then it is important to file the skin around the nails to facilitate a faster and more uniform regeneration. An excess of callus in these areas is not convenient, since it stimulates fingertip wear.
  • File the excess of callus beneath the fold lines in each finger joint to prevent raised or painfully pinched calluses.
  • Once the skin is entirely leveled, you can wash your hands to remove dirt and magnesium remnants.
  • Then dry them well. Now it’s time to use Climbskin Hand Cream.
  • Apply it in layers, thoroughlly distributing it. Usually, 1 or 2 layers will suffice. The layers should not leave any residue on your skin. If your hands are a little bit greasy, then you have used more cream than necessary. Learn to know YOUR skin.
  • After a shower with warm or hot water and without excessive hand swelling, your skin damages are more clearly visible. You can also file now, but bear in mind that the file produces a greater effect, perfect for thicker and drier calluses. Wash your hands again. Now would be another perfect moment to apply Climbskin Hand Cream.

Climbskin for everyone

Taking care of the skin in climbing is not a matter of age, but of creating a healthy habit. We have created a product of the highest quality that will help enormously to this objective, but it is in the hands of everyone, especially coaches, parents or trainers, to give it the importance it deserves. We believe that hand care should be part of the climbing learning process at any level and should be included in all training and education programs, but especially those oriented to the youngest!

just try

Get yourself a routine in hand skin care with the help of Climbskin Hand Cream and you will shortly notice a great difference.

You can use Climbskin Hand Cream several times a day, before and after each session.

A well cared-for skin will make a difference in your performance